The Salamander and Other Gothic Tales

13 Dec

The Salamander and Other Gothic Tales

The Salamander and Other Gothic Tales

Language: English

Pages: 215

ISBN: 0810110628

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Salamander and Other Gothic Tales contains eight stories by Vladimir Odoevsky (1804-69). These include The Salamander, The Cosmorama, and The Sylph, Odoevsky's three main metaphysical tales. The collection as a whole represents some of the best of Russian Romantic fiction from the first half of the nineteenth century. This is the first English edition of Odoevsky's work to be published since 1965 and six of the tales are here translated for the first time.











patient’s illness?... In annoyance, and in the certainty of finding nothing, he took down his mentor, Heister, and, finding the chapter ‘On the head’, read: ‘Constituent parts (contentae partes) are: the brain (cerebrum).... Beside the cranial brain is the dura mater, or the hard membrane over the brain, consisting of sinewy fibre...’. He threw the book down: he had read all this and re-read it, learned and re-learned it!... Then there occurred to him another book which he had once been given at

taken no food. As we approached, he did not recognise us, although his eyes were open: some sort of a wild light was blazing in them. To all our questions he replied not a word.... On the table lay sheets of paper covered with writing. I was able to make out only a few lines of it. Here they are: Fragments (From the journal o f Mikhail Platonovich) ‘Who are you?’ ‘I do not have a name. I have no need of one...’. ‘Where are you from?’ ‘I am yours - that’s all I know. I belong to you and to no one

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began to wait with impatience for what belonged to the earth to hurry up and be given to the earth, and was furious with the timescale ordained by law. Eventually the third day dawned. Never yet had my sleep been calmer. Charming visions wafted before my bed-head: there were endless gardens, flooded with warm sunshine; everywhere - in the thicket of trees, in the coloured rainbows, I saw the beautiful face of my Eliza; everywhere she appeared to me, but in coundess semi-transparent images, and

Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini There lived in Moscow an uncle of mine, a man no longer at all young, but with a mind, a heart and an education - and in these three qualities, they say, there lies concealed the secret of never growing old. Uncle did not lose his mind, because he did not lose his interest in people. Three generations passed him by, but he understood the language of each of them. Novelty held no terrors for him because nothing was new to him. Constantly fol­ lowing the wondrous

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