The Mammoth Book of Best New SF [19] (Mammoth Books)

3 Dec

The Mammoth Book of Best New SF [19] (Mammoth Books)

The Mammoth Book of Best New SF [19] (Mammoth Books)

Language: English

Pages: 720


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The only essential annual SF collection

Widely regarded as the benchmark anthology for every science fiction fan, The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 19 continues to uphold its standard of excellence with over two dozen stories from the previous year.

This year's volume includes many bright young talents of science fiction, as well as a host of established masters. It covers every aspect of the genre - soft, hard, cyberpunk, cyber noir, anthropological, military and adventure.

Also included is a thorough summation of the year and a recommended reading list.



















any of the parents. And probably not even with the kids themselves. This is still the year of the closet . . . and will be until June of ’69. Stonewall,” she explained. “I know about Stonewall. We bid on a contract to videotape it. The problem will be getting cameras onsite.” “Eakins is working on that. There’s a thing called . . . never mind, I don’t have time to explain it.” She tapped the table. “Let’s get back to this case. We’ve got six weeks until the first disappearance. This is as close

she offers. “Up the stairs, then left – that’s Ste.-Jeanne Street – then right at the first roundabout. It’s got signs in five languages; you can’t miss it. They can find you a hotel.” It’s as good an idea as any. “Thank you,” I tell her. “Peace.” Up. The stairs are small, built to a shorter stride than mine, and in other times I might have taken them two or three at a time. Now I shuffle under the weight of the bag and the fever – the Fever, I mean; I can’t pretend any more that that isn’t

is the apparent location of the Buonarotti region, to which the 4-space equations give the shape of a notional cross with two-pointed expanding wings, known to Deep Spacers and other romantics as The Fulcrum. To some, this “X marks the spot” is the forbidden gate to Eldorado; to others, it’s the source of our consciousness and an oracle of our future, set like Delphi at the navel of space-time . . . The aliens came back to their cabin to find that they’d been turned over again. Last time, they’d

Gregory came all this way to make?” “Is it?” She leaned back against the bench and gazed up into the canopy of the elm. “Maybe it is.” “I’ve been such an idiot.” He was bitter; if she was going to use him, at least she could admit it. “You and the High Gregory and the L’ung flit around the upside, having grand adventures and straightening up other people’s messes.” He began to pace back and forth in front of the bench. “You’re like some kind of superheroes, is that it?” “The L’ung have

“Also, the males are bigger than the females, but the females outnumber the males by a ratio of two to one.” I leaned back in my chair with a smile. “Two to one. Imagine that.” Delia hit me. “Let me see that thing.” I handed her the book. It kind of reminded me of when we were new-married, and used to go out bird-watching. Before things got so busy. Then Delia’s friend Martha called and said to turn on Channel 3 quick. We did, and there I was saying, “dumb as mud.” “So you’re a cattle farmer

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