The Future is Japanese

9 Dec

The Future is Japanese

The Future is Japanese

Language: English

Pages: 365

ISBN: 1421542234

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Original and classic science fiction about Japan from some of the greatest writers in the world.

A web browser that threatens to conquer the world. The longest, loneliest railroad on Earth. A North Korean nuke hitting Tokyo, a hollow asteroid full of automated rice paddies, and a specialist in breaking up “virtual” marriages. And yes, giant robots. These thirteen stories from and about the Land of the Rising Sun run the gamut from fantasy to cyberpunk, and will leave you knowing that the future is Japanese!

-Pat Cadigan
-Toh EnJoe
-Project Itoh
-Hideyuki Kikuchi
-Ken Liu
-David Moles
-Issui Ogawa
-Felicity Savage
-Ekaterina Sedia
-Bruce Sterling
-Rachel Swirsky
-TOBI Hirotaka
-Catherynne M. Valente













author of over a dozen works of fiction and poetry, including Palimpsest, the Orphan’s Tales series, Deathless, and the crowdfunded phenomenon The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. She is the winner of the Andre Norton Award, the Tiptree Award, the Mythopoeic Award, the Rhysling Award, and the Million Writers Award. She has been nominated for the Hugo, Locus, and Spectrum Awards, and the Pushcart Prize, and was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award in 2007 and 2009,

out of the enemy recognition cards they’d all been given. It was a sort of mah-jongg or gin rummy, except instead of making sets by number or suit you had to make them by the shared characteristics of the enemy machines. This one, a thing like a walking mushroom that a UN committee or computer had named the AG-7 Grauekappe, Abby classified “bipedal.” As she did this one, the dumpy, vaguely humanoid AM-3 Zwerg. But the Grauekappe, at forty meters plus, was also “gigantic” and so could make a set

anyone, even a totally unapologetic and unrepentant career criminal like yourself, is serious business. Has to be done with hardcopy.” “Who says I’m not apologetic?” Pretty Howitzer sat up straight and folded her cuffed hands on the table. “I said I was sorry! I always say I’m sorry! Look it up, it’s on the record!” Goku leaned one elbow on the table and covered his mouth with his hand, as if he were thinking hard and not hiding a grin. “Besides, I’m as much a victim here as Auntie Emmy,” she

separate things happening simultaneously. His initial reaction was reflexive now, a mental smile coupled with mild embarrassment for still not having reciprocated. It took a full clock-second for him to remember that according to what both Celestine and Ogada had told him, nobody had received any messages of any kind from Konstantin for at least four weeks; nobody could. Therefore, nobody had. The flicker sure seemed like her, though. Even considered in the context of what he knew, there was a

although he didn’t actually care. He had walked through so many World Within scans, his mannequin was probably one of their standard placeholders. Facial features scrambled so he was unrecognizable, of course. Or perhaps not. Perhaps someone who knew him well enough would recognize him anyway. Emmy Eto’s semilegal sunglasses. He was waiting to cross the street in front of the convenience store when he finally noticed a message light in the lower left-hand corner of his vision blinking. It was a

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