The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack: 25 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Stories

14 Dec

The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack: 25 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Stories

The Fifth Science Fiction Megapack: 25 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Stories

Language: English

Pages: 396

ISBN: 2:00137822

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The fifth volume in the Science Fiction Megapack series collection 25 tales of high adventure through other worlds and times, 5 Hugo and Nebula Award-winners and nominees. Included this time are:


THE STARSHIP MECHANIC, by Jay Lake and Ken Scholes

PEACEMAKER, by Gardner Dozois


GRANDMA, by Carol Emshwiller

THE GIFT BEARER, by Charles L. Fontenay

I, ROBOT, by Cory Doctorow

ALL RIGHTS, by Pamela Sargent


MAY BE SOME TIME, by Brenda W. Clough

CYBERPUNK, by Bruce Bethke

MILLENNIUM, by Everett B. Cole

JOIN OUR GANG? by Sterling E. Lanier

GREYLORN, by Keith Laumer

JUMPING THE LINE, by Grania Davis

HE'S ONLY HUMAN, by Lawrence Watt-Evans


CIRCUS, by Alan E. Nourse

THE HATED, by Frederik Pohl

CODE THREE, by Rick Raphael

COST OF LIVING, by Robert Sheckley

THIS IS KLON CALLING, by Walter J. Sheldon

THE BIG BOUNCE, by Walter S. Tevis

THE RISK PROFESSION, by Donald E. Westlake

THE FIRE EGGS, by Darrell Schweitzer

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surgeon was kneeling beside the inert body on the road. After an ear to the chest, Kelly opened her field kit bag and slapped an electrode to the victim’s temple. The needle on the encephalic meter in the lid of the kit never flickered. Kelly shut the bag and hurried with it over to the mass of wreckage. A thin column of black, oily smoke rose from somewhere near the bottom of the heap. It was almost impossible to identify at a glance whether the mangled metal was the remains of one or more cars.

pattern was shifting from passenger to cargo vehicle as it neared midnight. The football crowds were filtering off at each exchange and exit and the California fans had worked into the blue and yellow—mostly the yellow—for the long trip home. The fewer passenger cars on the thruway and the increase in cargo carriers gave the troopers a breathing spell. The men in the control buckets of the three hundred and four hundred-ton cargo vehicles were the real pro’s of the thruways; careful, courteous

chatting prospectors and crossed the echoing cavern that was level one, aiming to rent myself a scooter. * * * * I don’t like rockets. They’re noisy as the dickens, they steer hard and drive erratically, and you can never carry what I would consider a safe emergency excess of fuel. Nothing like the big steady-g interplanetary liners. On those I feel almost human. The appearance of the scooter I was shown at the rental agency didn’t do much to raise my opinion of this mode of transportation.

guard said. “Getcherown. It’s worth my job if I lose these.” “I’ll have you deported if you give me one more second’s worth of bullshit,” Arturo said. Ada had led the first R Peed unit here, and it had been fried by some piece of very ugly infowar equipment. He wasn’t going to argue with this Oceanic boat-person for one instant longer. He reached out and took the pepper spray out of the guard’s hand. “Truncheon,” he said * * * * “I’ve got your bloody badge number,” the security guard said.

Heaven supposed to be a place of eternal rest? He’d write a letter to the Times about it… “Maybe just a touch more?” one of the celestial host suggested, in distinctly American accents. Silly on the face of it, his unanalyzed assumption that all the denizens of Heaven were British… “No, let’s see how he does on four cc. How’s the urine output?” Shocked, Titus opened his eyes and looked down at himself. He was lying down, clothed in a pure white robe, all correct and as advertised. But were

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