The 10th Science Fiction Megapack (Science Fiction Megapack, Book 10)

3 Dec

The 10th Science Fiction Megapack (Science Fiction Megapack, Book 10)

The 10th Science Fiction Megapack (Science Fiction Megapack, Book 10)

Language: English

Pages: 1023


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome to The 10th Science Fiction Megapack!

This time we present 30 stories (including several full-length novels) by some of the biggest and best in the science fiction field, plus 2 poems and the first (of 3) installments in our first novel serial. From David Gerrold's The Martian Child (winner of the Hugo Award, Nebula Award, Locus Award, and HOMer Award) to brand new works published here for the first time by David Gerrold and Lawrence Watt-Evans to modern masterpieces by Pamela Sargent and Jay Lake to classics by E.E. "Doc" Smith and Alan E. Nourse—we have everything a science fiction fan could want. Almost 1,500 pages of great reading!

About the Megapacks
Over the last few years, our “Megapack” series of ebook anthologies has proved to be one of our most popular endeavors. (Maybe it helps that we sometimes offer them as premiums to our mailing list!) One question we keep getting asked is, “Who’s the editor?”
The Megapacks (except where specifically credited) are a group effort. Everyone at Wildside works on them. This includes John Betancourt, Mary Wickizer Burgess, Sam Cooper, Carla Coupe, Steve Coupe, Bonner Menking, Colin Azariah-Kribbs, Robert Reginald. A. E. Warren, and many of Wildside’s authors… who often suggest stories to include (and not just their own!)


• Torquing Vacuum, by Jay Lake
• Collectors, by Pamela Sargent
• Victory, by Lester del Rey
• The Tree of Life, by C. L. Moore
• Ye Olde Resignation, by Rhys Hughes
• Face to Face, by Adrian Cole
• Beyond the Thunder, by H. B. Hickey
• Captives of the Thieve-Star, by James H. Schmitz
• The Deeps, by Keith Roberts
• Madmen Mustered, by Connor Freff Cochran
• Exile from Space, by Judith Merril
• Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: The Chairman Dances, by David Gerrold
• The Frozen Planet, by Keith Laumer
• The Tail-Tied Kings, by Avram Davidson
• The Grain Kings, by Keith Roberts
• His Master'S Voice, by Randall Garrett
• Back to Julie, by Richard Wilson
• Brightside Crossing, by Alan E. Nourse
• The Secret of the Scarab, by Ron Goulart
• Reinventing Carl Hobbs, by James Glass
• The Old Shill Game, by H.B. Fyfe
• Notes Toward a New Trait as Revealed by Correlation Among Items of the Mmmpi, by M. Purrzillo, U. R. A. Ferball, and C. Kitirun
• The Sleeper Is a Rebel, by Bryce Walton
• The Teacher from Mars, by Eando Binder
• Nif'S World, by Lawrence Watt-Evans
• A Man Obsessed, by Alan E. Nourse
• First Lensman, by E.E. "Doc" Smith
• Reincarnate, by Lester del Rey
• The Man Who Lived Forever, by R. DeWitt Miller and Anna Hunger
• The Martian Child, by David Gerrold

• I'Ve Never Seen, by Hannes Bok (poem)
• Thought and Space, by Ray Bradbury

Novel Serial:
• Firebird, by Tony Rothman (part 1 of 3)












stepped into what was left of a foyer in a cheap apartment house. The back had been blasted away, but the falling building had sealed over one corner, covering it from most of the weather. Light came from the shattered window, showing a scrap of blanket laid out on the floor near a few possessions. At first, nothing identified the resident in any way, and he wondered if it were a trap. Then he bent over a broken bracelet, and his breath caught sharply. The catch still worked, and a faded

Travel MEGAPACK® The Utopia MEGAPACK® The Willam P. McGivern Fantasy MEGAPACK® The First Willam P. McGivern Science Fiction MEGAPACK® The Second Willam P. McGivern Science Fiction MEGAPACK® The William Hope Hodgson MEGAPACK® The Wizard of Oz MEGAPACK® The Zanthodon MEGAPACK®, by Lin Carter WESTERN The Andy Adams Western MEGAPACK® The B.M. Bower MEGAPACK® The Max Brand MEGAPACK® The Buffalo Bill MEGAPACK® The Burt Arthur Western MEGAPACK® The Charles Alden Seltzer MEGAPACK® The

relax, soaking up the shock as he had soaked up so many others. His mind faced the facts, accepted them, and then sickly extended them. “All right, you’ve got weapons,” he admitted, and disgust was heavy in his voice. “You can defend yourself. But can the galaxy defend itself when somebody decides it’s a fine offensive weapon? Or are all Earthmen supposed to be automatically pure, so this will never be turned to offensive use? Prove that to me and maybe I’ll change my mind about this planet and

fastened a brace of guns to their jet-harnesses. At close range—held thirty feet away against the Asteroid’s ring-bumpers by a set of dock grapnels—the Ra-Twelve’s yawning lock looked more than ever like the black mouth of a cavern in which something was lurking for them. Channok went over first, propelled by a single squirt of his jets, and landed a little heavier than he had intended to. Peer, following instructions to keep right behind him, came down an instant later in the middle of his

Peer said, relieved. The lip stopped quivering. “You’re not going over there, then?” “Not if you feel that way about it,” Channok said. He paused. “I guess,” he admitted awkwardly, “I just didn’t like the idea of Santis flitting around space. Holy Aynstyn knows where, and still putting in his two millicredits worth every so often, through crew-member Peer!” Peer blew her nose and considered in turn. “Just the same,” she concluded, “when Santis says something like that, it’s a lot better if

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