People of the Sea

20 Dec

People of the Sea

People of the Sea

Clarence Vautier

Language: English

Pages: 191

ISBN: 192688146X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From bestselling author Clarence Vautier comes more stories of unsung heroes: the fishermen who made a living off the sea in Atlantic Canada. These stories are the biographies, family histories, and photograph collections of twenty-two highliners. During the twentieth century, these were the elite fishermen who consistently sailed home with the largest catches taken from the waters off Newfoundland, Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick. Of course, with success often comes a price, and many of these brave fishermen lost their lives while engaged in what is still the most dangerous industry in the world. This book is a tribute to the men, women, and families who lived and died for the cold Atlantic waters.














much closer to the homes of the shipwrecked sailors, which meant it would be much easier and cheaper for the crew to get back home. After several days, the trawler arrived in Burin, where the crew and their two dories were put ashore. From Burin they found passage to English Harbour West aboard an RCMP cutter. The only things the crew saved was what they were wearing. Their 7,000-pound catch of halibut was lost. Now, William Evans was back in English Harbour West with no boat. Once the

approximately 21 miles southwest of Channel Head, NL. Later that day when no contact was made with the Barracudina, a search was conducted but was somewhat restricted because of the weather conditions, however when the weather conditions improved the search resumed but nothing was ever found. The crew of the Barracudina at the time of her disappearance was as follows: James Chaulk, Captain, aged 55, Burnt Islands Earl Lawrence, Mate, aged 33 Burnt Islands Emmanuel Caines, Engineer, aged 42,

Poole, Andy Acker, Brian Dorey, and Melvin Robia were tied to the berth in Sambro waiting for weather conditions to improve. They were planning a halibut trip around the fishing grounds of Sable Island, Nova Scotia. This was a common fishing destination for these fishermen this time of year. In the early morning hours of February 16, 1985, the MV Tammy Darlene departed Sambro, Nova Scotia, for the fishing grounds known as Sable Island Gully, some 200nm to the east. The trip to the fishing

Fishery Products and under the command of Captain Morgan Tapper. After several years on the trawlers, Richard decided to change careers and went to work at the fish plant in Grand Bank, in the discharge department. He remained there only for a short while. In 1969, Captain Arch Evans took command of the MV Unifox, a sister to the MV Zeven. The MV Unifox was purchased by Booth Fisheries from a Quebec company, along with the MV Unipec. They were renamed the MV Arlene E. Mellon and MV Dolores T.

building. At 9: 00 p.m. on February 20, the trawl was back and the catch was cleaned for the day. The crew were below in forecastle getting a quick lunch before the watches were set for the night. The first watch consisted of John Tibbo, and about 9: 30 p.m., he was making his way aft to to meet Captain Fiander who was already in the wheelhouse. Just has John Tibbo grabbed the handle on the wheelhouse, a huge wave struck the Maureen & Michael portside around amidships. The wave struck the vessel

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