Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual Love

2 Dec

Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual Love

Passionate Hearts: The Poetry of Sexual Love

Wendy Maltz

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1577315677

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Compiled by renowned sex therapist and author Wendy Maltz, Passionate Hearts is a remarkable anthology of intimate, emotionally explicit, yet accessible poetry, representing new voices as well as the most revered contemporary poets. Culled from classic works of poetry, unpublished work solicited especially for the book, and poetry and erotica journals, these poems celebrate sexual connection and expression. Contributors include Sharon Olds, Gary Soto, E. E. cummings, Marge Piercy, Raymond Carver, Galway Kinnell, Pablo Neruda, and Tess Gallagher.











between our legs, embracing that other stem, the smooth-budded one. • 110• VA R I E D D A N C E S We garden in darkness, burying the stalk of his flowering deep into me. This is our season: the night-blooming one. kim ly bui-burton • 111• Passionate Hearts LULLABY Big as a down duvet the night pulls the close Canadian sky over the naked earth. Here we lie gossiping in a circle of light under our own big comforter, buried nude as bulbs. I slide south to grow your hyacinth in my mouth.

Far above, the constellations blur on the comforter that real sky is to real earth. Stars make a pattern above; down here our pattern is fireflies on flannel around us. Night turns to surround the planet. Earth settles real hyacinths in place. You yield, turning like night’s face to settle on me, chest on breasts, your field. molly peacock • 112• VA R I E D D A N C E S THE BLOSSOM When we love, clouds of early spring fly over, neither snow nor rain. A joy whose name waits to be spoken hides

until my mouth is glazed with the purest sugar, then knead from each nipple one additional drop to dry, and begin, all down the trellis of bones, to paint your skin with invisible roses. robert wrigley • 116• VA R I E D D A N C E S BALANCE Next summer she’ll be too old for naps, but this July, with the right story and patience, you can still settle her down in our bed in the wide berth of a weekend afternoon. And that’s why making love now we’re in her small room. Where you shift on top.

left looking at the night listening to the night feeling the cold against the warmth of my body feeling your touch ripening on my body It would have been too easy to welcome you inside me succumb to the rhythm of waves washing over me As much as that would be it wouldn’t be enough I would never know who was on the other side of your skin johanna rayl • 29• Passionate Hearts THE RIVER All the bright day I rode my bike along the river gold flashing among the dizzy leaves water clear and

firmly, giving me pleasure, carefully stroking me fuller, harder, more vulnerable. • 60• PA S S I O N AT E P L E A S U R E S Beyond the rattle of the clock and the confines of the room. Beyond cumbersome egos and the constant pressure of earthly concerns. Into an ancient rhythmical dance, a duet of quickening passions, breathless friction, breathful sighs. Your joy beckoned mine, and mine yours. Steadily rocking, rolling through cannonball bursts and delicate pulsations. We came cheek to

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