Monkey Sonatas (Maps in a Mirror)

6 Dec

Monkey Sonatas (Maps in a Mirror)

Monkey Sonatas (Maps in a Mirror)

Orson Scott Card

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0812523679

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A collection of science fiction and fantasy tales by the acclaimed author offers readers ten excursions into the realm of the fantastic and the mythic. Reprint.
















body with one blow, right through the armor. If he chose to let them walk away from the battle, why argue? “I give my word that I’ll cease collecting tribute from the Count, and my men and I will go in peace.” “Well, then, that’s good news,” Bork said. “I’ve got to tell the Count.” And Bork turned away and walked into the fields, heading for where the Count’s tiny army waited. “I can’t believe it,” said the Duke. “A knight like that, and he turns out to be generous. The Count could have his

windsong, and the cracking of winter wood; thunder, and the faint cry of golden leaves as they broke free and tumbled to the earth; rain on the roof and the drip of water from icicles; the chatter of squirrels and the deep silence of snow falling on a moonless night. These sounds were Christian’s only conscious music; he grew up with the symphonies of his early years only a distant and impossible-to-retrieve memory. And so he learned to hear music in unmusical things—for he had to find music,

Christian,” said the man with the seeing-eye dog. “I’m sorry,” Christian answered. “I tried not to.” “Oh, Christian, how can I bear doing to you what must be done?” “Do it,” Christian said. And so the man with no ears took a laser knife from his coat pocket and cut off Christian’s fingers and thumbs, right where they rooted into his hands. The laser cauterized and sterilized the wound even as it cut, but still some blood spattered on Christian’s uniform. And, his hands now meaningless palms

to a project without their approval. I could make the initial ship—but I couldn’t make any more than that. And the initial ship won’t make a profit alone. So I have to persuade them, which is impossible, or lose my job, which I refuse to do.” “Or do nothing at all,” Agnes said, contempt already seeping into her tone. Malecker was going to say no. “And the second problem is actually the first, too. How could I persuade the board of directors of two of the world’s largest corporations to invest

visual image as the seed of a tale in the South American magic realism mode. It did not belong with a science fiction idea. And the beginning of the story definitely has the mythic—no, fabulous—quality of magic realism. Indeed, the whole story retains that sense of not quite connecting with reality no matter how many details are provided, so that the science fiction aspects of the story are never clearly presented, or at least are not presented as science fiction, so that readers don’t know if

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