It Happened on the Underground Railroad: Remarkable Events that Shaped History (It Happened in America)

20 Nov

It Happened on the Underground Railroad: Remarkable Events that Shaped History (It Happened in America)

It Happened on the Underground Railroad: Remarkable Events that Shaped History (It Happened in America)

Language: English

Pages: 200

ISBN: 1493015745

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From a riverboat worker who dressed as a woman to the abolitionist who died for his beliefs, It Happened on the Underground Railroad offers a gripping look at heroic individuals who became a part of the famous “road” to freedom. Read about Peter Still, a former slave who came to the Philadelphia Antislavery Society in search of his family, only to discover that the man sitting in front of him was his brother. Meet the individuals who may have inspired characters in the novels Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Beloved. Learn about the bakery where Frederick Douglass was first helped to freedom. And experience the heart-pounding fear of a man who mailed himself north.

















riverbank along Front Street. The boys noiselessly rowed the woman and the Canadian across the Ohio River and dropped them off on the Kentucky shore. The escape was to take place the following night. The woman’s daughter took six of her children, leaving behind the eldest daughter, a house servant, to whom they could not get word of the escape plan. Managing the removal of all these people, as well as the couple hundred pounds of belongings her daughter insisted she needed, retarded their

house, wearing the tattered clothes he had run away in. Master Carpenter was shocked to see him return to his plantation but even more stunned when Tom spoke. With a big grin Tom told his former master that he was happy to be back and that he never wanted to leave again. He claimed that the free black man was overworked and underpaid in the North. He told of how he never was given any new clothes and never had enough to eat. Tom shook his head and said, “Abolitioners the greates’ rascals I ever

a system of secreting fugitive slaves to Canada. In time Burris came to be recognized as an agent of the Underground Railroad. He would often go deep into Maryland to conduct a group of fugitives northward, stopping at various stations along the Underground Railroad. Burris’s belief in what he did and his success as both an agent and conductor may have allowed him to think he was invincible. Proponents of slavery were suspicious of Samuel Burris, and no doubt kept a watchful eye on him. In 1848

front of the White House. The city was abuzz with people going in and out of the Treasury Building and the State, War, and Navy Buildings on the brisk fall afternoon. It did not seem out of the ordinary that an unattended horse and buggy should be tied up in front of the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. Dr. H. confidently climbed inside the carriage. At that moment Mr. Bigelow and the young coachman walked up. Joe Wright tipped his cap to Dr. H. while the two older gentlemen shook hands.

house on the hill and then disappeared. The woman looked up the steep hill, still trying to comprehend what had just happened. One hundred rickety steps could be seen in the moonlight, leading to the redbrick house. She saw the beaming lantern and tiredly climbed up. Though the Rankins’ dogs had been trained not to bark at runaways, she nervously opened the door to the kitchen. A woman sitting at a warm fire looked up, not at all surprised to see her. The Rankin family welcomed the woman and

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