How to Really Self-Publish Erotica: The Truth About Kinks, Covers, Advertising and More!

12 Feb

How to Really Self-Publish Erotica: The Truth About Kinks, Covers, Advertising and More!

How to Really Self-Publish Erotica: The Truth About Kinks, Covers, Advertising and More!

Dalia Daudelin

Language: English

Pages: 110

ISBN: 1492284092

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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  • What are the best stock photos?
  • How big should a cover be?
  • Where should the font go?
  • How and where do I advertise my stories?
  • What should my stories even be about?

How often have you heard, "Nobody makes money from self-publishing"? It's coming from the mouths of authors, agents, publishers and editors out of ignorance... or malice

If you're looking to jump-start your career in writing, though, self-publishing can be an absolute Godsend if you're just an average person. The problem is, the information you need is scattered all over the internet. And frankly, the money is best in erotica, and money is ultimately the bottom line between you and writing full-time. 

Not only do you need to know how to write well, you also need to know graphic design. You have to be well versed in the kinks you want to write, too. 

Do you know: 
  • What readers will want when they pick up a billionaire story? 
  • What kind of kinks go well with werewolf or vampire stories?
If not, this book will shine a light on those topics. 

This book is a short, but basically complete, introduction to the field of self-publishing erotica--though other writers may find some things of value, as well. Do you love writing? Are you scared of spending months on a novel only to not have it sell? Erotic shorts are the perfect place to start. 

When you're ready to make a change and really jump head first into the vast ocean of self-publishing, make sure you're carrying this book as your lifesaver!












probably can’t do that, nobody can. Your limit isn’t going to be the hours in the day any more, like it is in so many other jobs. It’s going to primarily be your ability to focus on the task at hand. In an office job, there’s a lot of making calls and talking to people, gathering information, etc. Once you get a knack for it, you can do it almost without thinking. Writers don’t have any step on the line that isn’t essentially thinking. You have to constantly be thinking about your word choice.

to have something that appeals to the mind. Again, there’s a perfectly valid point to be made that for those of us who are exemplary, talent can make someone describing, say, a breast into something arousing for a person. But that’s not me, and I hope you won’t take it as rude of me to say that it’s probably not you, either. Intellectual arousal, sexual arousal that comes from thinking about stuff, is overwhelmingly from the idea of taboo. It’s by far the most common sexual fetish, but it’s

mean they tend to get more of a general idea, which tends to be easier to internalize, and therefor, to feel in their gendered bits. As a final note, it’s a bit of a tricky subject, but a trap many beginning writers fall into is that of trying to control what the reader sees in their head too much. You are not a continuity manager on a film set, trying to make sure every detail is correct. You don’t need to explain how actions are performed in explicit detail. He can ‘take her breast in his

lucrative career, it might not seem like much. But frankly, I got out of high school with a 2.8 GPA, and no prospects for college. I worked for a year or two at a CVS, worked for three months at a Subway. In that time, I didn’t make anywhere near what I have made in my time writing. And the job prospects just weren’t coming either. I didn’t have any friends in high places whispering in the right ears, I didn’t know how to get people to just give me a chance, so it took me more than a year to get

they do require a smaller image than Amazon; I recommend 1300x1900. Just resize the larger cover image you would upload to any other distributor and you should be fine. Barnes and Noble pays monthly, 60 days after each month, similar to Amazon. However, unlike Amazon, they don’t have a minimum payment amount. KOBO Kobo ( is a smaller website, but they’re growing fast. I make probably a third of what I make on Amazon through Kobo sales, so don’t rely on them

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