Even More Short & Shivery: Thirty Spine-Tingling Tales

5 Dec

Even More Short & Shivery: Thirty Spine-Tingling Tales

Even More Short & Shivery: Thirty Spine-Tingling Tales

Language: English

Pages: 176

ISBN: 0440418771

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thirty spine-chilling stories from around the world provide plenty of shivers in this spooky collection. Curl up with old friends like Washington Irving’s “Guests from Gibbet Island” and Charles Dickens’s “Chips.” Or make the acquaintance of “The Skull That Spoke” and “The Monster of Baylock”–but beware of spectral visitors like “The Blood-Drawing Ghost.” This exciting mixture of classic and contemporary tales from Mexico, China, Poland, Nigeria, and other lands near and far is perfect for hair-raising reading!
















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lands. Their mother always told the sisters not to talk to strangers. But one day, as Blue-Eyes and Red-Skirts crossed the village square, they met an old woman sitting on a bench. She wore a black bonnet and white gloves, and her face was powdered as white as a ghost’s. Her black skirt reached to the ground, and it crinkled and rustled like stiff tissue paper when she moved. Her eyes were hidden behind spectacles of thick, smoked glass. “Come here,” she invited in a voice like pages turning in

such sharp teeth?” “To eat you, jowl and ham and chop.” The hunter slammed and barred the door, and closed the window shutters, but none of this did a lick of good. Raw Head and Bloody Bones just lifted up the roof, snatched the hunter out from under the bed, and stalked off with him into the night. Nothing more was seen of the hunter. But Raw Head and Bloody Bones is still around. Sometimes, on a moon-shiny night, people around those parts hear strange clickity-clackity, rattlely-clattery

was given the trousers that had cost him so dearly. Then Sandy and Flora were married and lived happily ever after. But to the end of his days, Sandy bore faint scars across the back of one leg, where the bony fingers of the thing had scraped his flesh. La Guiablesse (West Indies—Martinique) It was a breezeless, cloudless noon, the hour of rest. In the dazzling light the hills seemed like blue smoke. Nothing stirred in the nearby fields of ripening cane, nor in the mysterious, vine-veiled

vanished by night. She took a step toward him. His brain reeled at the awfulness of what he saw. He stepped backward, and— Falling, Fafa crashed to his death in the mountain torrent far below. The Blood-Drawing Ghost (British Isles—Ireland) There was once a young man, John, in Ireland’s County Cork, who was courting three girls at one time. He didn’t know whether to make Mary or Peggy or Kate his wife. They all had sweet natures, and each was as pleasing to his eye as the other. His

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