Damaged Worlds: A Multi-Author Dystopian Science Fiction Boxed Set Rejecting "This is for your own good..."

4 Dec

Damaged Worlds: A Multi-Author Dystopian Science Fiction Boxed Set Rejecting "This is for your own good..."

Damaged Worlds: A Multi-Author Dystopian Science Fiction Boxed Set Rejecting "This is for your own good..."

Louise Marley, Cecilia Tan, Cat Rambo, Janine A. Southard

Language: English

Pages: 523

ISBN: 2:00267841

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Damaged Worlds: A Multi-Author Dystopian Science Fiction Boxed Set Rejecting “This is for your own good...”

Five books. Four award-winning authors. Multiple worlds where society has run amuck—whether by its own design or by horrible accident.

These novels and novellas include adventure, music, and small triumphs in dangerous worlds.

Over eight hundred pages of epic reading await! Let the adventures begin.


The Glass Harmonica–Endeavour Award-Winning Novel by LOUISE MARLEY–Street musician Eilish Eam survives on tips and applause in 1761 London, until she meets Benjamin Franklin. Two hundred years later, in a Seattle “cleansed” of poverty, another troubled musician has visions of this girl from another time, a girl who seems to have something to teach her.

A Seed on the Wind–Novella by World Fantasy Special Award-Winning Author CAT RAMBO–In an Abyss that goes forever downward, Bill may find the deepest abyss is his own heart. When he comes into a little bit of money, and a lot of lost time, he discovers the impossible Abyss. Any misstep could send him falling, falling, falling...

Queen & Commander–IPPY Award-Winning Novel (Science Fiction eBooks) by JANINE A. SOUTHARD–In a world where test scores determine their future, six students rebel. In a questionably obtained spaceship, they run from society... and into the arms of an even more dangerous plot.

BONUS! Hive & Heist–Book 2 of the Hive Queen Saga by JANINE A. SOUTHARD–Directly after the events of QUEEN & COMMANDER, and far from home, the ship’s crew are stranded. If they ever hope to leave, they must steal back what used to be theirs. And somehow do it without upsetting their only friend, an American Star Ranger.

In Silver A–Best of Soft SF-Winning Novella (Honorable Mention) by CECILIA TAN–In a balkanized future America, technocrats rule the western city-states. To the masses scrounging for survival in the Fringe, the American Dream is a nightmare. Tato and Marco long for the safety and security that citizenship promises, but the price may be too high.



















leaned more heavily on Marianne’s arm than she had before, but Marianne seemed not to mind. Each afternoon they ate luncheon with Mrs. Selledge and her husband, and then they practiced in the parlor. It was a pleasant interlude, and Eilish felt a bit stronger each day of it. The country air helped to clear her head, and the waters of Bath, if they did not promote her health, at least did it no harm. The guests from London arrived on the Friday, bringing Cecilia with them, setting the house

coffee. I’ll be dumb as a duck.” “There’s an espresso stand in the lobby.” He waved his multicard. “I’ll buy you a jolt while they do lights and sound.” Erin followed Charlie out, and Mal trailed behind them. They emerged from the elevator into a crowded lobby. Armchairs waited in a semicircle under a modest array of netcameras, and hotel guests loitered about, watching. One entire wall of the lobby was a long viewwindow in which Model T’s drove on narrow streets, and women with bobbed hair and

“Good at math?” The way he said it implied that everyone was good at math and he didn’t really need Luciano’s help. Still, they were Hive mates. “Couldn’t hurt to test you out. This one is for Hawking field stability.” Luciano shrugged. The theory was beyond him, but if the data came from a simulation... “Can I see the equations?” The man handed over his pad. Everything looked a jumble. He recognized a Hamiltonian in there, but the rest was beyond him. He didn’t have the background. This was

would like to think that you did. Someone would like very much for a so-called Son of Science to go berserk and kill a few innocent citizens.” The Arm. Without the indent corps, Science couldn’t maintain the infrastructure, and power would swing the Arm’s way. Make Science’s work horses look like a threat to security, a threat to the American Dream itself... Civil would have to step in under public demand and cut back Science’s programs. Meanwhile, proof of a conspiracy to discredit Science on

she whispered miserably to Marianne. “I saw him in my dream. Crying. Bleeding.” Rose said through tight lips, “They bleed at first, Eilish, then they scab, and they don’t bleed anymore. Their knees and elbows get tough. ’Tis no different for Mackie.” Marianne pulled Eilish to her feet. She spilled their gaily wrapped packages across the table in a colorful jumble and left them where they fell. “Come, dear,” she said. “There’s nothing you can do here. Come, Eilish. You don’t belong here

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