Born In The Year Of The Butterfly Knife

3 Dec

Born In The Year Of The Butterfly Knife

Born In The Year Of The Butterfly Knife

Derrick Brown

Language: English

Pages: 180

ISBN: B00DS9571M

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The most famous collection and largest selling title on the Write Bloody roster. Butterfly Knife contains such award winning pieces such as "The Kurosawa Champagne," A Finger, Two Dots, Then Me," "Pleased to Meet You Yellow," "The Chinese Elevator" and "Hot for Sorrow." These are his classic, unforgettable works of poetry and fiction from 1993-2004.
















friend here is gay with AIDS and cancer. What a winning combination! Throw in retarded and you’ve got the trifecta. You win the Oscar but not my attention. Listen, make fun of what you hold dear. Don’t respect anything too much. Let fear guide you. You write your brains out, you perform your brains, you fuck your brains out on the carcasses of critics…and you let people with hang ups deal with their own mazes inside of themselves. You say to them, “Fuck you, I’m right, you’re empty now you owe

moved from Alto to D.C.” “You guarded the president?” I wasn’t gonna believe him but thought I’d listen and might have a good chuckle, depending on how grand the lies were. “No. His wife. She was a great lady. Wife of the 37th president. Her name was Pat, Pat Nixon. Born in Nevada. Named after St. Patrick. Ma died at 13, Pa, passed at 18. Amazing woman. She got a job as a janitor and made her own way. Tough lady. A real lady. She shook everyone’s hand. Even lepers in Panama. She got real

spilling the story about the Stallion. Cousin Luke was nobody’s cousin. He had been in the Temecula area for as long as anyone could remember. He wasn’t too well liked. He had the face of a goat and that weird flakey skin. Some ignorant folks called him the hunchback. His back was fine. He was actually very different than the famed hunchback cause Cousin Luke was a proud man and liked the public, it’s just that the public didn’t take much to him. He was a little tough to look at. Never saw

I wanna punch out all the smart, clever and coy billboards you dated before and stalk all the boys with secret crushes and places their hearts on Pungee stakes and say Suck it she’s mine. One survivor. I needed to flush it all out on paper. Karate chop! This isn’t an encoded message. This is me being as honest as I can. You may have learned nothing from these ramblings and Jesus… wait I don’t even know if I’ll ever show this to you. VENTOM I love women. Just not this one.

they could star in their own reality show called 67-Sided Dice Unbound, My Life With Dungeons and Dragons. There was this one Asian girl in class that was giving me the kind of look that you can’t see, but you can feel. She was kinda fat like Margaret and I liked it. We had to write something the first day. I…wrote about Margaret and how much I missed her. It sucked. That Asian girl wrote about revenge and some weirdo stuff. It was beautiful. Her name was Julie Gish or Dish or Chin or Nguyen.

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