American Veterans on War: Personal Stories from Ww II to Afghanistan

29 Nov

American Veterans on War: Personal Stories from Ww II to Afghanistan

American Veterans on War: Personal Stories from Ww II to Afghanistan

Elise Forbes Tripp

Language: English

Pages: 460

ISBN: 1566568676

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The United States is embroiled in conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan (and now Libya?) wars that seem as far from Americans understanding as the countries are distant from our shores. With American Veterans on War, Elise Forbes Tripp brings our current wars and their predecessors home in the words of 55 veterans aged 20 to 90. The veterans raise questions about when wars are worth fighting, what missions can and can t be won, and the costs and benefits of US intervention, both around the world and domestically. Veterans tell wrenching stories of coping with hostile forces without uniforms, of not knowing who is friend or foe, and of the lasting traces of combat once they ve returned home.
















felt like I was keeping everybody together, for me to show emotions would just make everybody weaker. So I held everything in. I came home, and I seemed to be fine. I was so depressed from seeing all those guys pass away, seeing so many funerals, seeing one of our OEDs got blown up. Seeing Humvees come back bloody, the 39 from the suicide bomber, all that started to eat away at me the first months back. I thought I was better. Three years after I got back I was working for [a restaurant], their

what you see on the news. Between my first and second deployments I was home for 87 days. I volunteered to go so quickly because my husband was deploying and I wanted to make sure our timelines matched. Looking back on the decision, I certainly paid a price in mental resiliency by going so soon. When I returned to Iraq [June 2004], it was a whole different planet. We were still working well with the Iraqi people, [but] there were suddenly concrete barriers everywhere. You didn’t roll outside the

city. We’re here to help you if you need us, but you deal with your own problems and we’re going to pay you for that. That calmed it down, they know better than us, but at the same time there’s a lot of stuff that came up, unfortunately, for Adhamiya. When I was in Adhamiya [before], we were looking for those guys, right? We call them high priority targets, insurgents inside the city. We caught a lot of them but a lot of them ran away. When the unit changed, the tactics changed, we’re not so

stay there, deal with it, and try to fix it for the past seven years. I think what will happen is a federal government. They’re going to try to get representatives from each part of Iraq or each group in Iraq represented in the government. Because you have so many types of people within Iraq, you can’t just pick one of them to be in charge and screw everybody else because people won’t accept it. They had the old regime and they don’t want that anymore. Everybody understands that in forming the

ships in the group received orders to retire for the night. Almost as soon as the anchor was weighed three Jap planes appeared over the ships. They were met with heavy antiaircraft fire, but two managed to crash into ships nearby and the third crashed alongside a destroyer. My God, that was a Fourth of July celebration! All the ships were firing, 20 millimeters, 40 millimeters, and all antiaircraft guns, debris coming down, spent shells hitting the deck. I was wearing my steel helmet and life

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