American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms (P.S.)

21 Nov

American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms (P.S.)

American Gun: A History of the U.S. in Ten Firearms (P.S.)

Chris Kyle, William Doyle

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0062242725

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Drawing on his legendary firearms knowledge and combat experience, U.S. Navy SEAL and #1 bestselling author of American Sniper Chris Kyle dramatically chronicles the story of America—from the Revolution to the present—through the lens of ten iconic guns and the remarkable heroes who used them to shape history: the American long rifle, Spencer repeater, Colt .45 revolver, Winchester 1873 rifle, Springfield M1903 rifle, M1911 pistol, Thompson submachine gun, M1 Garand, .38 Special police revolver, and the M16 rifle platform Kyle himself used. American Gun is a sweeping epic of bravery, adventure, invention, and sacrifice.

Featuring a foreword and afterword by Taya Kyle and illustrated with more than 100 photographs, this new paperback edition features a bonus chapter, “The Eleventh Gun,” on shotguns, derringers, and the Browning M2 machine gun.



















grateful slumber.” Sam Houston—and his long rifle—accept Santa Anna’s surrender. Library of Congress When Santa Anna was captured, he asked Sam Houston to “be generous to the vanquished.” Houston told the prisoner curtly, “You should have remembered that, sir, at the Alamo.” Santa Anna would eventually be shipped off to Washington; he later returned to Mexico and in fact would go to war twice more, against France and finally against the U.S. The epic revenge-victory at the Battle of San

multiple shots and be quickly reloaded. The U.S. Army put in an order, and the future of handguns was set. The Russians had actually gotten their hands on the S & W Model 1 first, and in fact the Russian Imperial Government made several suggestions that improved the weapon. Their involvement almost ended up being a financial disaster for Smith & Wesson when disputes rose over payments due. The company persevered, and its handguns remained the chief American alternative to Colts for going on one

pretty much all armed with World War I–type bolt-action rifles. The Japanese, for example, mostly used the Arisaka Type 99. The Type 99 was modeled after the Mauser and held only five rounds. To load the M1, a soldier locks the bolt by pulling the operator rod on the side back. He wants to give it a good tug, making sure it locks; if he’s gentle there’s a chance the mechanism will slide back forward later and try and grab his thumb. He then takes the eight-round clip and pushes it down with some

Emberlin, in addition to being a great friend, you have a wonderful ability to bring people together. It certainly helped with American Gun. Doug Wicklund of the National Firearms Museum, Bob Owens, Steven Young, John Navarro, Jim Leavelle, Chris McIntyre, Jim Galvin, Monty LeClair, and Craig “Saw” Sawyer, thank you for answering our calls quickly and lending your support. Brad Juneau, your quiet, strong, generous support of veterans is awe-inspiring. It seems your huge heart knows no limits. I

during, 40–42 Sharps rifles in, 41, 42–45, 43, 52, 98 sharpshooters/snipers in, 43, 44–45 Spencer Repeaters in, 31, 38, 39, 40–42, 45–48, 46, 48–50, 49, 51–52, 53–54, 55, 95 Springfield carbines as recycled from guns of, 102 Springfield muzzle-loading rifles in, 33 “Union Repeating Gun” for, 169 See also specific battle civilian gun ownership of AR-15 rifles, 252 Civil War veterans and, 67 Claiborne, Billy, 83 Clanton, Billy, 77–81, 82, 83 Clanton, Ike, 77–81, 82, 83 Clapp, Wiley,

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